Power Facility Diagnostics

When initial equipment is installed at a specified capacity, adding additional equipment during operation is likely to degrade system stability. Electrical safety issues are also caused by equipment that has been in use for a long period. Therefore, adequate inspection, analysis, and correction plans are required to reduce electrical faults affecting plant operation.

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Electrical Safety Management Diagnostics

Many customers are facing challenges in directly managing electrical safety due to a shortage of highly experienced personnel and appropriate measuring equipment. Therefore, our company will assist you in receiving the greatest safety inspection, diagnosis, efficiency, and reasonable services..

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Special diagnosis

As the industry develops, the demand for quality reliability of electrical energy grows, and the causes of accidents in production facilities become more complicated, so the need for special diagnosis and precision diagnosis through precision measurement equipment grows.

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Complete diagnosis

Before completion, each new power facility is diagnosed to extract problems that may arise during the transportation and installation construction of the power device, and to maximize stable operation of the power facility by dataizing the initial measurement value required to predict the future life of the new device.

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