Solar Power Generation Technology

A/ Solar Power Generation Trends

Solar Maintenance Specification

♦  KS C IEC 62446 (Korea)

– Grid connected systems – Documentation, commissioning tests and inspection.

♦  JM16Z001 (Japan)

-Guideline on maintenance of PV systems

-Japanese Solar Maintenance Guidelines, prepared in accordance with International Standard IEC 62446

♦  IEC 62446-2 (International)

Photovoltaic (PV) systems: Requirements for testing, documentation and maintenanece

Part 2: Grid connected systems – Maintenance of PV systems

Loss of solar system

Absence (insufficience) of diagnostic management system

Module system level error

Loss of solar system

Solar Fire Cases and Causes

Loss of solar system1

Safety management incomplete

☞ Fire and electric shock accidents

Solar component fire frequency

(Source: IEA PVPS Report)

PV Delamination

PV Delamination

PV Hotspot

PV Hotspot

PV Electrode

PV Electrode Oxide

Humidity Infiltration


1), Delamination-Hotspot

2), Slolar FAQ, PV humidity

Failure Factors according to Solar System Configuration

Failure Factors according to Solar System ConfigurationFailure Factors according to Solar System Configuration 2

B/ Solar Fault Type

Solar module fault type